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Get important insights on the executor role from the articles below. The articles featured on this blog are a complement to the executor plan you’ll get here on Executor.org when you sign up.

hiring a realtor

Five Tips for Hiring a Realtor

“Five Tips for Hiring a Realtor” is part of Executor Duties 101, a series by Executor.org that highlights steps in the process of settling an estate.   As an executor you will likely have to oversee the sale of the deceased’s home or property. While you might consider selling the home yourself in hopes of…

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Seven Steps to Writing a Eulogy Speech – Executor Duties 101

“Seven Steps to Writing a Eulogy Speech” is part of Executor Duties 101, a series by Executor.org that highlights steps in the process of settling an estate. When someone dies, it is natural to reflect on their lives and the role they played in yours. If you are named as an executor, you likely had…

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Probate Bonds: Part 2

In September’s  article I explained the meaning and purpose of a probate bond, as well as the usual circumstances in which a probate bond will be required. Essentially a probate bond is a financial guarantee bond issued to protect the interests of heirs and creditors of an estate from the negligence or fraud of the…

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Probate Bond: As Executor of an Estate, Do I Need One?

What is a probate bond? Who needs one? Sam’s mother recently passed, and Sam now must take the necessary steps to finalize his mother’s estate. Sam’s mother did have a will, but she did not name an executor to administrate the will. Sam is very surprised to learn from his attorney that probate court requires…

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Validating a Will

How to Tell if a Will is Legal and Valid – Executor Duties 101

“How to Tell if a Will is Legal and Valid” is part of the Executor Duties 101 series, an occasional series by Executor.org that highlights steps in the process of settling an estate. One of the first duties of an executor after a person dies is determining if they had a will and if so, is…

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Conducting a Green Funeral

As concerns about the environment continue to grow, some people now opt for what is known as a green funeral. In short, green funerals seek to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Those who desire green funerals can make arrangements with funeral homes in advance and some funeral homes even have the…

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First Days of Grieving

The First Days of Grieving – Losing a Parent

“The First Days of Grieving” by Executor.org aims to help those who have lost a parent navigate grief, maintain positive family relationships, and successfully manage the complex executor process.   Losing a parent can feel earth-shattering. Some of us lose a person who first made us laugh, healed many wounds with a simple hug, and was…

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Cremation To Surpass Traditional Burial in Popularity This Year

For the first time ever, this year more people in the U.S. are expected to choose cremation over traditional burial. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), this year 48.5 percent of those who die in the U.S. will be cremated. Nearly 46 percent will be buried in the traditional manner. The numbers stand…

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Home for the Holidays – The Right Time to Discuss Aging and End-of-Life Issues?

We’ve all seen the commercials telling us how our holidays should look. Families gathered in a picture-perfect scene. The holiday table is filled with food that looks almost too good to eat. Everyone is in their most festive attire, and children seem to have an angelic glow about them. But then, there’s reality. The stuffing…

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