Helpful Resources

We know that the executor job is incredibly complex. Our goal is to help simplify it in any way we can and to share resources that may be able to help when we find them. Below are some services that we believe can help you complete your duties effectively.

What happens to someone’s digital assets when they die?

Facebook, Google, Apple – how many of these accounts do you have? Or photos that were saved to the cloud somewhere? An email account or two? Online subscriptions? Many of the digital assets that are now so much a part of our world define who we are and contain our priceless memories, assets and stories. Here’s where GoodTrust can help. Whether the will writer is still alive or deceased, they offer services that can help. As an user, you’ll get a free basic GoodTrust account to protect your digital accounts, documents, and if the person you’re settling the estate for has passed away, GoodTrust will memorialize their Facebook page for free (or provide $50 off managing other accounts) and give you 20% off any of their premium services if you use the code EXECUTOR when you sign up. You can also digitally store documents and device codes via GoodTrust, send Future Messages to loved ones (like a time capsule) or even get a free basic will. Get started today!

Do you have legal questions you want answered or need a lawyer?

RocketLawyer offers a national network of licensed attorneys that can very cost effectively answer questions you may have. As an user, for just $39.99 per month, you’ll get a consultation for up to 30 minutes with an attorney licensed in the state where the estate is being settled. You’ll also get up to two written questions answered online by a licensed attorney. There is a limit of one consultation per topic. Should you need the lawyer to step in and manage the settlement of an estate, as an member, you’ll get 40% off of a network lawyer’s standard hourly rate or 10% of their flat fee services. It’s a great value. Regardless of where you are in the estate settlement process, if you have even one legal question you want answered today, RocketLawyer can connect you with a licensed attorney who can help. Click here to get started.

How can I split estate assets fairly and in a way that will satisfy the beneficiaries?

The division of estate assets is a process that can tear a family apart. It can be highly emotional and leave people feeling like they were treated unfairly. A service called FairSplit can help. They offer a free basic service to our members and an affordable comprehensive service that can help you navigate this difficult process. They also bring transparency to the process so all of the beneficiaries understand what specific items are in the estate and how they are being split. Using FairSplit is an investment in both fair play and keeping family relationships strong.

Need an answer to virtually ANY question?

You’ll find experts who can answer almost any question of any kind at As the executor, you’re not expected to do 100% of the work in settling an estate, and in many situations, you aren’t an expert in all of the areas necessary to complete the process. Sometimes calling on an expert with a financial question, a real estate question, or any other topic, can be incredibly helpful. And you’ll save 30% by being an user.