Are you overwhelmed by your duties and responsibilities as the executor?

We understand. With as many as 150 tasks and a legal responsibility to properly distribute assets and settle the estate, taking on this role can be an overwhelming challenge. The problem is . . . you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why we’ve built to help you manage and complete the process.




Create an account and answer 5 simple questions.

It’s easy and takes less than a minute. Use your email address and choose a password to create your secure account.

Next, we’ll ask you some simple questions, such as “Is the will writer still alive?” and “Will there be real estate sold as a part of this process?” to understand the specifics of your situation.


We’ll build you a custom plan of your duties

Based on your answers to the questions, we’ll automatically build you a custom plan in less than 2 minutes. The plan will consist of 100 to 150 steps you should follow as a roadmap to complete the entire process.


Easily make progress and track it using our tools and instructional videos

Complete the steps at your own pace and keep track of what is still outstanding, automatically.

You’ll find instructional videos, articles, and/or important insights on each of the 100+ steps within your plan.


Store important information using the Data Vault makes storing important information easy.

Throughout your time as an executor, you will be in charge of finding and collecting information, including lists of financial assets, non-financial assets, and the information you’ll need to get a death certificate.

Use our pre-built templates to help organize and easily access this information directly.


Keep in touch with beneficiaries

Let them know your progress and share information from your account with them, as appropriate. This way they’ll know you’re making progress and managing the process effectively.


Complete your duties and settle the estate

While this process can take more than a year to complete, with our guidance you’ll do it faster, more efficiently, and with less stress.