What Users Are Saying

I wish that I would have discovered this site several months ago when I became the executor of my sister’s estate. It would have saved me time and frustration. I intend to share it with my son who will have that responsibility for me.

William Lee
Matthew H. McArdle

Executor.org is a valuable resource for Executors to use in navigating the difficult process of administering an Estate. It provides extensive practical information, and is a product I will recommend to my clients.

Matthew H. McArdle
Fischer, Bessette, Muldowney & Hunter, LLP,
Estate Attorneys
Malone, NY

Executor.org has been fantastic in helping my family move through the executor process. The grouping, steps, and explanations are wonderful making a very painful process less painful.Executor.org has saved my family stress, time, and money. The information on executor.org is mostly not out there … and difficult to find.

John S.
Tampa, FL

I like that it breaks down the executor duties into 15 functional areas and then within each functional area several tasks. Very organized and easy to follow. Executor.org has made me make sure I have everything covered. There are several steps that I would have missed without it.

Thomas W.
Waukegan, IL

This site really simplified this difficult job for me. I had no idea how complicated being an executor would be. I found it simple to use and it helped me save a lot of time.

Susan V.
Palm City, FL
Catherine Heitger

Executor.org is an excellent tool that will allow families to better navigate this highly stressful process. It is loaded with helpful practical information.

Catherine Heitger
Licensed Funeral Director
Heitger Funeral Home
Massilion, OH
Randy Shoker

Executor.org is the essential tool for those who have the overwhelming task of estate administration. Organized and complete, it will prove invaluable during this complex process. After helping families through this difficult process for twenty five years, Executor.org is now our first recommendation to clients.

Randy Shoker
President, Shoker Investment Counsel, Inc.
Oxford, OH

Executor.org keeps things organized and makes sure you don’t forget important items. As an executor and trustee, the number of items I have to keep track of is over 50 and the site helps organize this task. Executor.org helps make sure I don’t leave any important areas uncovered and costs much less than asking my estate lawyer to keep track of all this stuff.

Scott P.
Chicago, IL

I loved your site and how something seemingly so complicated and intimidating can be reduced to a checklist, with supports as needed built in. Awsome design. Kind of reminded me of a math book for dummies. I got it!

Candace K.
Richmond, VA

I have used executor.org to help me learn the duties of an executor. Although I have not had to use any of the skills I learned I feel I am more ready when the time arrives.

Richard K.
Fort Madison, IA

I liked that it showed me what was involved and a process in which to do it.

Michael D.
Muscatine, IA

Content seems to include everything I need to be effective in my role as executor.

Alan F.
West Palm Beach, FL
Douglas C. Shriver

This powerful tool is a great resource for all executors. It will help you better understand your responsibilities, get organized, and get the job done faster and more cost effectively.

Douglas C. Shriver
Shriver and Company, PSC

Comprehensive and empowering advice. It’s reassuring to feel that important steps are not being overlooked.

Richard H.
College Station, TX

I was named executor of my sister-in-law’s will.  I have only general knowledge of the duties of an executor and have never served in this capacity before.  I needed a checklist to guide me and I found you on Google. I am now up and running with your program and so far have found it helpful and easy to use.

Ed M.
Atlanta, GA

I had no idea what the duties of an executor were. You are helping me think through the process. I have been gathering information ahead of time so that I will be able to effectively make informed decisions when the time comes.I especially love the definitions of legal terms which are provided as I read through the information. This has helped enormously when talking to lawyers and financial planners.

Patricia H.
West Liberty, OH

One place for a great checklist!

Anthony N.
New York, NY

Your site covers quite a lot. I did not think there was this much to do, but it helped me answer questions I had not thought of. Thanks for making your website available.

Jim E.
Dallas, TX

It lists and organizes everything that should be done in my job as executor. It puts everything I need to know in one place. This was extremely helpful as this was my first time as executor.

Charles R.
Chicago, IL

What I like most? That such a service exists at all!

Steve C.
Belfast, ME

Executor.org is helping me keep my head above water as I am a bit overwhelmed with my job and managing the executor role. It’s been a big help to me.

Joe W.
Irving, CA

Easy to use and understand.

Tony K.
Winston Salem, NC

Information was very helpful.

Doug K.
Washougal, WA

It simplifies the complex requirements of the executor in a way ordinary people can understand.

Dave B.
Scottsdale, AZ

It helps you to stay organized and follow a simple procedure.

Mark B.

Very thorough and helpful through a stressful process.

Gregory B.
Nashua, NH

Immediate access for initial overview of duties and initial planning for proceeding with trustee and executor responsibilities.

Nancy D.
Central Point, OR

Provided organization framework so no items were missed in a simple, non-controversial will. 

Robert S.
Sault Sainte Marie, MI

It was a good starting point for my duties as an executor for my Mom’s estate and trust. Personally, I have used the information to better prepare my own estate.

Mark S.
Athens, GA

I will be executor of my mother’s estate. This helped me get organized and know what to do and expect. I will be ready when the time comes.

Carolyn W.
Columbia, MO.

All the steps and actions presented will save time when time is most critical. The death of a loved one is stressful enough without worries of executor duties.

Richard K.
Fort Madison, IA

It removed some of the stress form the procedure. Gave a direction to go.

Michael D.
Muscatine, IA

Content is thorough and well organized.

Alan F.
West Palm Beach, FL

Executor.org gives me information and confidence I need to execute tasks accurately and in less time. Helps to understand and plan for executor tasks.

David K.
Lilburn, GA

Thorough information and easy to follow.

Hal C.

What I liked best was the clear way the information is organized. The checklist.

Clyde P.
Philadelphia, PA

Knowing nothing about being an executor, I was happy to find a reference guide to study… definitely saved stress by helping me to know what to expect.

Debbie R.
Fuquay Varina, NC
Executor duties are complex.
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