How to Perform the Executor Role

A quick Internet search can provide great how-to videos, articles, and tutorials on a variety of topics from crafting to home repairs. But when it comes to one of the most important roles you can have – serving in an executor role – the searchable resources are pretty thin. To address this need, we created

We’ve found all the best online resources for executors. Sign up for an account and let our executor checklist guide you through every element of the 100+ step process.

In the vein of the ever-helpful, how-to resources, here is a very brief overview for how to be an executor:

How to be an Executor: Step 1 – Understand the executor role

When teaching a child a new game, it is important to explain the rules and what to expect. A simple explanation that in hide and seek, one person closes his eyes and counts to 100 while the others hide, is integral to the understanding of the game. It is similar when you approach the much more complex task of serving in the executor role.

You must understand the job before you can successfully complete it. provides a simple and easy-to-follow overview of the executor duties in Step One of the interactive executor checklist. This checklist can be used from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How to be an Executor: Step 2 – Get a dream team in place

We see it in action movies all the time. The star has a seemingly insurmountable goal to achieve, but with the right team in place, he can accomplish almost anything. Just like James Bond and Batman, people serving in the executor role need help to successfully complete their executor duties.

Remember, the goal isn’t just to get a team in place to help you complete your duties, it’s all about getting the right team in place.

How to be an Executor: Step 3 – Stay organized

Serving in the executor role is difficult not only because of the executor duties, but also because while serving as executor you are likely also grieving the loss. Candidly, most people aren’t at their best when dealing with loss and can be more forgetful than usual.

That’s why it is great to have an online executor checklist to help keep track of the things you need to do. It’s easy to take a break and come back to the work if you can save a detailed record of everything you accomplish and assemble.

How to be an Executor: Step 4 – Stick with it

While you may try to complete this role quickly, there are elements of the process you just can’t speed up. The probate process will move at its own pace, regardless of how hard you push. Additionally, completing 100+ tasks won’t happen in a day, a week or even a month. You’ll need to be persistent and chip away at the list as you and your team are able to do so.

Of course, this is just a basic overview of how to be an executor. Our detailed executor checklist that outlines the 100+ steps in the role and offers you insights on how to complete each one will be the key to successfully completing your executor duties and responsibilities.

Just like any good how-to, the resources on can save you time and money. Sign up today for your account or check here to see a sample plan to get detailed insights on how to be an executor.