Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create

After serving in the executor role, co-founder Patrick O’Brien was very frustrated that there was no online tool available to simplify this complex and frustrating process. People are able to simplify tax filing, buy and sell almost anything, and manage many aspects of their lives with similar online tools. We believed it was time to create a tool to simplify this 100+ step role, give executors a more efficient way to work with attorneys, and ultimately save executors time and money in this process.

Will you sell my information or email address to any third party?

We respect your privacy. We will never share your personal information or email address.

Can I use your site instead of hiring a lawyer or accountant?

Our product was not created as a lawyer or accountant replacement product. We believe that professionals have an important role to play in settling most estates. can make you much more efficient as an executor, as many of the questions you will have and details you need to manage can be handled through

Is a tool that I can use with an attorney or accountant?

Absolutely. We have plenty of online tools. If you would like to use our interactive checklist to help manage this process, your attorney and their paralegal staff will typically be very willing to support you in this effort. We can even connect you with an experienced attorney who is trained to partner with you on to manage this process.

Do you offer a book on being an executor?

We do not offer a book, as we think that a book lacks the utility of an interactive tool like A book cannot be customized, as our tools can be, and books on this subject tend to be long and cumbersome. With our online interactive checklist and the advice that accompanies each of the 100+ steps in the process, as well access to experienced attorneys and our resource article and blogs, we do not believe that you’ll need a book to manage this process.

I won't always have a computer with me when I want access to my interactive checklist or data vault. Will the site work from a tablet or smartphone?

Our website works on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you are visiting a lawyer or accountant and want to access your interactive checklist or data vault, you can securely access your account from your phone.

How secure is information I store on the site?

Security is a top priority for us. We host our site in a highly secure location. However, we will never ask you for your Social Security number or that of the will writer. We will also never ask for account numbers on the site.

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Executor duties are complex.
Use our tool to simplify the process and minimize your stress.