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The role of estate executor is a complex but important job. You’ll have more than 100 duties in the role, including filing tax returns, settling life insurance, selling any real estate, and handling the deceased persons social security. Completing the executor process typically takes about a year.

We’ll build you a custom executor checklist to guide you through your executor duties. We’ll also offer insights on each of the 100+ steps in the process. We even offer a Data Vault to allow you to capture important information, like funeral costs, executor expenses, and estate tax.

Our tools help keep you organized, guide you through the process, safely store information, and track expenses. We invite you to peruse our site and encourage you to get a custom executor checklist. It’s completely free.

Our free service will save you both time and money. It will also help you make beneficiaries happy as you settle the estate quickly and efficiently.

Our service has been featured on sites like Legacy.com and Forbes.com, as well as the Huffington Post and the Senior List. Executor.org is a service that you can trust to help you through this challenging process.

Being an executor is hard. Let us help you make it easier. We’re experts in the estate settlement process and would like to help you simplify the role. Thank you in advance for letting us be of service to you.

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Understanding the Executor Process

The executor process can easily surpass several hundred steps that the executor needs to complete in order to settle an estate. Our online program will create a custom plan and checklist showing the steps (and the order) that you need to complete.

The checklist can be summarized in the “15 Primary Duties of an Executor ” below. Note that each executor’s specific duties and checklist will vary based on their state, the estate they are settling, the deceased’s will and several dozen other factors.

15 Primary Duties of an Executor


  1. Learn about the Role and Responsibilities of an Executor
  2. If Possible, Interview the Will Maker
  3. Obtain and Review the Latest Will and Living Trusts
  4. Hire a Law Firm or Probate Lawyers to Support You
  5. Funeral Planning & Management
  6. Create a Detailed Record-Keeping System (Our System Does This For You)
  7. File the Will with the Probate Court and Obtain Certified Copies of the Death Certificate
  8. Notify Necessary Organizations of the Death
  9. Find, Value, and Protect Assets
  10. Manage the Estate, Eliminating Unnecessary Costs
  11. Determine and Pay Debts of the Estate, Including Estate Taxes
  12. Create a Plan for Distribution or Sale of Personal Property
  13. Sell the Real Estate
  14. Distribute Estate According to Will and Close the Estate
  15. Create Your Own Estate Plans

Estate plans and living trusts can be difficult to navigate. We can help you understand the responsibilities and duties of the executor role at each step of the way, from getting tax returns to navigating the probate court, settling mutual funds, and hiring a law firm.

With an account, we can help you track your progress and you can utilize our spreadsheets to keep track of important financial details, life insurance, and social security information.

We offer the best tools available to help you in your executor duties. And, since you can save your work, you can start today and just do a little at a time, whenever is convenient for you.  Click here to get started.

Our Executor Checklist Software

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We’ll build you a custom plan of your duties

Based on your answers to your setup questions, we’ll automatically build you a custom plan in less than 2 minutes. The plan will consist of 100 to 150 steps you should follow as a roadmap to complete the entire process.

Easily make progress and track it using our tools and instructional videos

Complete the steps at your own pace and keep track of what is still outstanding, automatically.

You’ll find instructional videos, articles, and/or important insights on each of the 100+ steps within your plan.

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executor duties checklist

Store important information using the Data Vault

Executor.org makes storing important information easy.

Throughout your time as an executor, you will be in charge of finding and collecting information, including lists of financial assets, non-financial assets, and the information you’ll need to get a death certificate.

Use our pre-built templates to help organize and easily access this information directly.

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