Estate planning

Get important insights on the executor role from the articles below. The articles featured on this blog are a complement to the executor plan you’ll get here on when you sign up.

Do you need a successor executor?

You’ve named an executor in your will. Is that enough? Do you need to add a successor executor, too? What is a successor executor anyway?

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Can you disinherit your spouse?

Can you write a will that leaves nothing to your spouse? When this happens, are there any laws to help the disinherited spouse?

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Newly Single

Big life events often prompt us to update important documents like our will, add beneficiaries to our insurance, and update distributions for our retirement accounts.  And much like the old infomercial said, we set it and forget it.  But over the course of years, a lot can change in our lives, including the breakup of…

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Death and Crypto

Have you considered how cryptocurrencies pass to beneficiaries after you die? Make plans so your executor can distribute these digital assets now!

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Why is GoodTrust important for users?

The reasons for users to get started with their digital legacy cut across both the pragmatic and the emotional, whether it’s about memorializing or shutting down accounts or preserving and sharing all the associated stories and memories. The issue of digital legacy is not just about who, what, and where, but also about how…

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Help! I Can’t Find An Item Mentioned In The Will

As an executor, what do you do when you can’t find an item listed as a bequest in a will? What does this mean if you are the beneficiary of the missing item? Let us help answer your questions as you navigate the executor responsibilities.

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Executor Website Simplifies The Executor Process

The executor process is complicated. It can include as many as 150 steps and take more than a year to complete. Executors have a legal responsibility and want to do a good job to honor the will writer. Executors rely on professionals (such as attorneys) to do the more technical work in the process, but…

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10 Important Questions To Consider When Choosing Your Executor

                                       This article by originally was published on The person you name in your will as executor is responsible for many things, including closing your accounts, making sure your beneficiaries receive any inheritances granted to them,…

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