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Without Sharing, Critical Documents Could Be Lost

With National Estate Planning Awareness Week upon us, this is a great time to organize your offline and online materials. These days we all have critical documents that are still often in analog form including our driver’s license, passport, health insurance cards, car and life insurance, will and testament, and that all-important vaccine card among…

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Complicated in Life, Prince Now Even More Complicated After Death

Prince’s passing proves why you need a will regardless of your age or net worth In the days following Prince’s death, news outlets have speculated on his last days, discussed his musical legacy, and highlighted the many tributes to him across the world. In life, the seven-time Grammy winner was widely known as a complex individual,…

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Death Affects the Whole Family

Don’t Let This Happen To Your Family

Family Squabbles After a Death – An All-Too-Common Story For the Conrad* family, the mantra was always “family first.” Mom, Dad and their five children — four girls and a boy — spent every holiday together, even long after the children had grown into adults with their own families. Birthdays were no different. It wasn’t…

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Fighting Unfair Fees – New Bill Seeks to End ‘Corporate Greed’

As an executor managing an estate, one responsibility is closing the deceased’s accounts and paying their final bills. When Aileen Gunther, a New York lawmaker, was paying her late mother’s final cable bill last summer she was shocked to see how high the bill was. Further review showed her mother had been charged an early…

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Managing The Bereavement Cycle

The Bereavement Cycle™ is the first twelve months after a loved one’s passing. It can be filled with a wide range of emotions as different things remind you of your loved one or which make you feel their absence. But it’s also a cycle that is an important part of the grieving process. For some, like a…

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Home for the Holidays – The Right Time to Discuss Aging and End-of-Life Issues?

We’ve all seen the commercials telling us how our holidays should look. Families gathered in a picture-perfect scene. The holiday table is filled with food that looks almost too good to eat. Everyone is in their most festive attire, and children seem to have an angelic glow about them. But then, there’s reality. The stuffing…

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Making Sure Your Pets Are Cared for After You Die

Most of us with Fidos, felines and other pets have probably thought about who we would like to care for them if they outlive us. Perhaps we even informally ask a family member or friend to look after them in such an event. But the reality is in many cases these arrangements fall through. The…

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Probate Bonds: Part 2

In September’s  article I explained the meaning and purpose of a probate bond, as well as the usual circumstances in which a probate bond will be required. Essentially a probate bond is a financial guarantee bond issued to protect the interests of heirs and creditors of an estate from the negligence or fraud of the…

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Cremation To Surpass Traditional Burial in Popularity This Year

For the first time ever, this year more people in the U.S. are expected to choose cremation over traditional burial. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), this year 48.5 percent of those who die in the U.S. will be cremated. Nearly 46 percent will be buried in the traditional manner. The numbers stand…

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