Selling Assets

Get important insights on the executor role from the articles below. The articles featured on this blog are a complement to the executor plan you’ll get here on when you sign up.

Executors and Abatement

When there are more debts than assets in an estate, it can lead to difficult conversations where communication is key.

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The Beneficiary Doesn’t Want the Bequest. Now What?

What do you do, as executor, when the recipient doesn’t want the bequest they receive in a will? We’ve outlined what your executor duties require when a beneficiary does not want a bequest.

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Getting Sentimental in the Executor Role

Distributing sentimental assets in an estate can be a difficult part of the executor duties, but with communication and expert help, you can tackle this aspect of your executor role.

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Advice for Executors Selling Real Property

What you need to know when listing real property as an executor of an estate Check with a reputable Real Estate Agent in your area. Experience is key when selecting an agent for an estate property. You need someone who has been around long enough to help you navigate the transaction and make recommendations for…

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