A Letter to Your Executor

I’ve heard stories of people writing letters before they die which are not to be opened until death.  Sometimes the letters express love and sometimes they give advice from a life well-lived.  Other times they share bad news–like someone is being excluded in a will or that an estate is worth far less than beneficiaries imagined.  But I’ve never heard of someone writing a letter to their future executor encouraging them in their service in the executor role. Maybe you should write one and start a new trend. 

Encourage your Executor

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive such a letter as you work through the executor duties?  To be able to open a letter from the person who named you as their executor and see words of encouragement and assurances that you are equipped for the task? Not a letter to expound upon their final wishes or give you instructions–just personal words of thanks and well wishes.  

Sometimes the executor duties are time consuming or frustrating.  Sometimes executors have to have difficult conversations with beneficiaries that don’t get along with each other.  The executor role isn’t always a quick or easy one. I think a word of encouragement would be much appreciated.  So perhaps consider writing a letter to your future executor.  Or even talk to them today to let them know that you are naming them as executor and encourage them in the work they will do for you.

Help your Executor

But don’t let the letter be the only thing you give your executor.  Be sure you are giving your executor the gift of an easier estate administration.  You can do this by creating your free Executor.org account where you will receive a customized plan, including tips to prepare your estate for ease of administration by your future executor. You can also choose a paid plan, where you can store and share important information about your estate for your executor who will ultimately manage settling it. 

And you can tell the person who will be serving as your executor about Executor.org. That person might not fully understand the executor role or the duties and responsibilities of an executor. You can direct them to the best overview of the executor role – The 15 Primary Duties of an Executor.  Or, if you are pondering the subject of how your executor may be compensated, here’s a state-by-state guide to executor compensation and a free video on the subject of executor compensation

Executorship is a very difficult job. Your executor will be honored that they have been chosen for it, but a little preparation and some kind words will go a long way in making the process flow as smoothly as possible for them.