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How to Hire an Estate Attorney

If you’ve recently been named as an executor of an estate, you may not yet know you may need to have a team of professionals to help, and that you may need to hire an estate attorney. Because wills and estates vary in complexity, and assets within the estate can add another layer that must…

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Where Do I Even Begin In Settling an Estate?

When grieving a loved one, whether you are the executor of the estate, a beneficiary, or even just a concerned family member or friend, the idea of settling an estate can seem overwhelming. For many, it is their first time to take on the responsibilities of this role – or any complex project of this…

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The Probate Process

The probate court process has been around for hundreds of years. While the details vary from generation to generation and location to location, the general principles are the same. In anticipation of eventual death, someone writes a will which governs the distribution of property they own at death. Or, a person dies without a will…

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Managing Online Accounts — Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Apple

These days, when someone passes away they likely have numerous online accounts, including those for email or social media. As executor you or the deceased’s loved ones might want to access these to get copies of emails, photographs, and more. Each company has varying rules about privacy, but some will work to help you get…

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