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Probate Bond: As Executor of an Estate, Do I Need One?

What is a probate bond? Who needs one? Sam’s mother recently passed, and Sam now must take the necessary steps to finalize his mother’s estate. Sam’s mother did have a will, but she did not name an executor to administrate the will. Sam is very surprised to learn from his attorney that probate court requires…

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Executor Website Simplifies The Executor Process

The executor process is complicated. It can include as many as 150 steps and take more than a year to complete. Executors have a legal responsibility and want to do a good job to honor the will writer. Executors rely on professionals (such as attorneys) to do the more technical work in the process, but…

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Managing Online Accounts — Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Apple

These days, when someone passes away they likely have numerous online accounts, including those for email or social media. As executor you or the deceased’s loved ones might want to access these to get copies of emails, photographs, and more. Each company has varying rules about privacy, but some will work to help you get…

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10 Important Questions To Consider When Choosing Your Executor

                                       This article by Executor.org originally was published on Everplans.com. The person you name in your will as executor is responsible for many things, including closing your accounts, making sure your beneficiaries receive any inheritances granted to them,…

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Where Do I Even Begin In Settling an Estate?

When grieving a loved one, whether you are the executor of the estate, a beneficiary, or even just a concerned family member or friend, the idea of settling an estate can seem overwhelming. For many, it is their first time to take on the responsibilities of this role – or any complex project of this…

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Probate Bonds: Part 2

In September’s  article I explained the meaning and purpose of a probate bond, as well as the usual circumstances in which a probate bond will be required. Essentially a probate bond is a financial guarantee bond issued to protect the interests of heirs and creditors of an estate from the negligence or fraud of the…

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Inheritance Taxes

Who Pays Inheritance Taxes? – Executor Duties 101

“Who Pays Inheritance Taxes?” is part of the Executor Duties 101 series, an occasional series by Executor.org that highlights steps in the process of settling an estate. When we die, the assets we leave to beneficiaries can be subject to inheritance taxes, which are also often referred to as death taxes. Since it can be…

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Validating a Will

How to Tell if a Will is Legal and Valid – Executor Duties 101

“How to Tell if a Will is Legal and Valid” is part of the Executor Duties 101 series, an occasional series by Executor.org that highlights steps in the process of settling an estate. One of the first duties of an executor after a person dies is determining if they had a will and if so, is…

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First Days of Grieving

The First Days of Grieving – Losing a Parent

“The First Days of Grieving” by Executor.org aims to help those who have lost a parent navigate grief, maintain positive family relationships, and successfully manage the complex executor process.   Losing a parent can feel earth-shattering. Some of us lose a person who first made us laugh, healed many wounds with a simple hug, and was…

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