Executor Website Simplifies The Executor Process

The executor process is complicated. It can include as many as 150 steps and take more than a year to complete. Executors have a legal responsibility and want to do a good job to honor the will writer.

Executors rely on professionals (such as attorneys) to do the more technical work in the process, but the reality is that there are many administrative steps that the executor of an estate must manage independently without a lawyer. Getting and staying organized can help.

Executor.org was created to offer a website for executors. It guides users through the creation of a custom plan based on their specific needs, then offers insight on each of the specific steps in the plan. This executor website also includes a place where users can securely store their information on their financial assets and personal property.

We’ll help guide you through contacting the probate court, selling the real estate, ensuring the deceased person’s assets are distributed to the right beneficiaries, and more. We help estate executors (also known as “personal representatives” in some states) handle the entire process.

Best of all, this executor website is free. Get started now by clicking below and answering a few simple questions to begin the process.

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