Executor Insights

Get important insights on the executor role from the articles below. The articles featured on this blog are a complement to the executor plan you’ll get here on Executor.org when you sign up.

Getting Sentimental in the Executor Role

Distributing sentimental assets in an estate can be a difficult part of the executor duties, but with communication and expert help, you can tackle this aspect of your executor role.

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After the Funeral

You’re an executor. You know you have executor responsibilities that begin immediately after the funeral, but where do you start? Here’s what to do in your executor role directly after the funeral.

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Manage Executor Duties with Dream Team

When you are dreaming of completing your executor responsibilities as efficiently and effectively as you can, getting the right team working together with you is going to make that dream a reality.

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Being an Executor in a Pandemic

How can you complete, let alone begin, all of your executor duties during a pandemic? Research and patience are key to not letting important executor responsibilities slip through the cracks.

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Executor Website Simplifies The Executor Process

The executor process is complicated. It can include as many as 150 steps and take more than a year to complete. Executors have a legal responsibility and want to do a good job to honor the will writer. Executors rely on professionals (such as attorneys) to do the more technical work in the process, but…

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Understanding Dementia (Infographic)

Innovative dementia care is crucial for quality of life expectancy, as dementia risk goes up the older you get. Unfortunately most people don’t plan ahead for their needs as they age, which has led to some difficult situations when nearing the end of life. Learn more about why we need better dementia care from this…

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Online Executor Tools

Top 4 Online Tools for Executors

Four great online executor tools. Serving as an executor of an estate for someone after they die is an important and complex role. The person who named you has trusted you to handle their financial affairs and real estate. Being an executor is typically no small job. As executor, your duties include following the deceased…

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10 Important Questions To Consider When Choosing Your Executor

                                       This article by Executor.org originally was published on Everplans.com. The person you name in your will as executor is responsible for many things, including closing your accounts, making sure your beneficiaries receive any inheritances granted to them,…

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when the will is challenged

What to Do If Someone Challenges the Deceased’s Will

As executor, you will submit the deceased’s “Last Will and Testament” to the probate court. Typically, the will is accepted without challenge and you can check this step of the process off your list of executor duties. But what happens if someone challenges the will, arguing it is not valid because the deceased was not…

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