Develop a preliminary plan

The sale of the real estate will typically be a topic of great interest to heirs. It is critical to communicate with all beneficiaries, and get their input along the way. Beneficiaries will want to know who you are hiring to sell the home, why you are selecting that individual, when a home will be put on the market, at what price, and why. They will want to know your plans in terms of asking price and what you deem to be an acceptable sales price and why.

If you plan to hire an appraiser or someone to declutter the house and/or potentially furnish it, you will want to share your initial thoughts with all interested parties and get their input. As the estate executor you will make the final decision on these matters but asking for input will help maintain family relationships during this very stressful time.

Beneficiaries also might want to visit the home before it sells (be sure they do not take anything out of the home, no matter how small) or might even be interested in purchasing it themselves (must be at a fair market value just as if a stranger purchased it). If the deceased person passed away in the home, have a frank conversation with the realtor about how that issue will be addressed if brought up by potential buyers.