Meet with person you name as executor

It is good to sit down and talk with the person you name as executor in your will. First, this will give the executor an opportunity to understand the role and your wishes. Tell the executor about our site,, so he or she can learn more about the role and what it involves.

If the person you name as executor seems reluctant to serve, you might want to name a secondary executor who will take on the responsibilities if the primary person named declines the role.

As you meet with the person you would like to serve as the executor for your estate, be sure to convey all the important information he/she will need to know to perform the role. You can reference this section of for help. Also discuss with your executor the challenges and lessons learned as you served in the role for someone else.

While it might be some time before he or she has to take on the executor role, it will be a comfort to know you did it as well and the advice you provide will be valuable.