Hire a jewelry appraiser

A professional jeweler should be hired to do jewelry appraisals. The jeweler will be able to identify not only the type of gem or metal but also the condition and age, which all contribute to the value.

Remember, though, that jewelry might hold both monetary and sentimental value. While a simple wedding ring might not be worth as much as a diamond bracelet monetarily speaking, the wedding ring might be much more valuable in terms of the memories it symbolizes to certain beneficiaries. Don’t be surprised when it comes time to distribute assets such as jewelry that items of smaller monetary value are just as desirable as ones with a greater monetary value. Therefore, it is necessary to value and protect all items equally.

Choose thoughtfully when you select a jewelry appraiser to do the work. Photograph all jewelry before giving it to someone, if you are going to leave it with them. If possible, be there for the appraisal versus leaving the jewelry, if it is of significant value. You can politely tell them that it was requested that you do so by one of the heirs, if necessary. Remember, it is very easy to replace a higher quality diamond in a necklace or ring with a lower quality one, for instance, so do some due diligence in determining who will do the work, and be cautious in this process, in general.