Track funeral expenses (worksheet)

Funerals are expensive, and typically include many types of costs you’ll need to manage. We have created a worksheet to help you budget for and manage the cost of the funeral. Utilize this spreadsheet during the planning process to help you understand the total cost involved in this process.

Funeral Expenses

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Main Expenses

Fee for the funeral director and staff
Pickup of body from hospital or home
Other preparation of body
Outer Burial Vault (Container)
Cost for visitation/viewing (staff and facilities)
Funeral or memorial service (clergy, staff, and facilities)
Graveside service (staff and equipment rental)
Fee for Cremation (if relevant)
Fee for Cremation Urn
Other vehicles rented
SUB TOTAL: $0.00

Other Potential Services:

Transporting the deceased to another funeral home
Transporting the deceased from another funeral home
SUB TOTAL: $0.00

Cemetery/Mausoleum Costs:

Cost of lot or crypt (if you dont already own one)
Perpetual care
Opening and closing the grave or crypt
Grave liner, if required
Marker/monument (including setup)
SUB TOTAL: $0.00