What is the most important duty of an executor?

At the core of the executor duties is a responsibility to the will-writer and a responsibility to the will’s beneficiaries.  Of course, there are many items that qualify as important dutiesy of an executor, which Executor.org can assist executors with.  We’ve broken down the 15 primary duties of an executor and will even create a custom plan of the duties specific to the estate for which you are serving as executor.  

So, what is the most important duty of an executor?

Put the will and the law first.  The deceased went to the trouble of creating a will so his or her estate could benefit the people and organizations who receive distributions through the will.  Your main duty as executor is to protect the estate assets, follow the will, work with the estate attorney, and follow the instructions of the probate court so that the deceased’s estate is settled properly.  

Act in good faith

An executor serves a representative—one who may be legally responsible for the final administration of the deceased’s estate.  An executor must act in “good faith” in every aspect of service as executor, from the initial filing of the will with the probate court to the final distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries.

An estate attorney can help

While the main duty of an executor may seem overwhelming, you’ll never find “go it alone” in the list of tasks for the executor role.  An estate attorney is a lawyer experienced in helping executors in their main duty of getting an estate through the probate process.  The estate attorney can be a valuable partner for an executor in the completion of the executor duties.

What is the most important duty of an executor? To complete the executor duties, bringing an estate successfully through the probate process.

Executor.org will help any executor through the 100+ process of servicing as executor. The site is easy to use and will walk you though your duties on a step-by-step basis. You can try it for free – so take 5 minutes today to see how we can help you manage this difficult but important process.