Glossary m



A building in which remains are buried or entombed above ground.

Medallion Signature Guarantee

This is a special stamp that is used by financial institutions to show that a transaction was completed by authorized parties. Before the stamp is applied, an official from the institution reviews any legal documents regarding the transaction and witnesses all signatures. They then apply the official stamp to show that the signatures are genuine and valid and that their financial institution will accept any liability if the signatures are found to be fraudulent.

Memorial Wreath

A round wreath of flowers – artificial or silk – that is typically placed on an easel and set upon a grave or near a casket during funeral visitation.

Military Honors

When an eligible veteran or active duty soldier dies they can be buried with military honors at no cost. An honor guard detail of at least two members of the Armed Forces will, at a minimum, perform a ceremony that includes the playing of “Taps” and the folding and presenting of an American flag to the next of kin.


Also known as a funeral director or undertaker, a mortician is a person who helps plan and oversee funeral services.

Mutual Will

Mutual wills are common. Mutual wills are separate wills that contain nearly the same provisions. It is most common to see spouses prepare mutual wills. If you are the executor of an estate where one spouse died and the other is still living, check with the estate’s attorney because you might not have to file the will with probate if everything passes directly to the surviving spouse. This is found most often in mutual wills.