Glossary b



A beneficiary is a person or organization who receives assets as directed in the will of a decedent.

Bequeath / Bequest

Bequeath means to give. It is generally used when a gift is made via a will. Therefore, bequeath is commonly understood to mean to give via a will. A gift in a will is referred to as a bequest. Technically, the terms bequest and bequeath are used to refer to personal property only, though you might hear the term refer to any gift in the will.


A period of grief and mourning after the death of a loved one or other significant loss. A period of bereavement has no set time-frame and can last weeks, months, or even years.

Burial Gown

Also known as funeral gowns, these are much like luxury pajamas and can be used to dress the deceased for burial or cremation.

Burial Plot

A designated parcel in a cemetery that is purchased for use as a final resting place for a deceased person’s body or cremated remains.

Burial Vault

A box, usually made of concrete, which a casket is placed into when buried in the ground. The vault keeps the earth from sinking when the casket starts to decompose.