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We are occasionally asked by users why is free. It’s a great question, so we created this page to answer it. was founded in 2014 with one goal. We wanted to simplify the executor process, save executors time and money, and lower the stress that comes with the job. Our team members have strong backgrounds in technology and education, and we believed it was time to leverage digital tools to evolve how the executor process was managed.

Based on feedback from legal professionals and our users, we have created powerful, innovative tools to help simplify this complex process. Professionals have raved about how helpful the tools can be to executors, and our users have given us very positive feedback about our digital “to-do” list, data vault, videos, and resource articles, and our user base continues to grow.

At some point, we do plan to charge for this service. But we don’t plan to do this until we have made significant progress in building awareness and usage of our tools on a broad scale. It is important to note, however, that once you start using as a free user, you will never be asked to pay for our service. You will always have full access to the site for free.

If you find value to our service, we ask only that you tell your friends and colleagues about it.

Thank you for allowing us to assist you in the executor process.

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“ is a valuable resource for Executors to use in navigating the difficult process of administering an Estate. It provides extensive practical information, and is a product I will recommend to my clients.”

Matthew H. McArdle Fischer

Malone, NY

“ has been fantastic in helping my family move through the executor process. The grouping, steps, and explanations are wonderful making a very painful process less has saved my family stress, time, and money. The information on is mostly not out there … and difficult to find.”

John S.

Tampa, FL

“I loved your site and how something seemingly so complicated and intimidating can be reduced to a checklist, with supports as needed built in. Awsome design. Kind of reminded me of a math book for dummies. I got it!”

Candace K.

Richmond, VA